About me

Hey, I’m Bisi, creator of Urban Appetit.

I am a British Nigerian living in London and studying in Edinburgh. Growing up, I spent my time living in Belgium and Switzerland which gave me exposure to a variety of cultures and cuisine.

When I was younger, I was such a fussy eater it was almost impossible for my mother to cook meals that I would actually eat. Fast forward a few years, I’ve become obsessed with eating out and trying different foods. I guess you could say it’s me making up for lost time…

Although I live in London, I spend a lot of time in Edinburgh where I study and in Lagos visiting family. So I, fortunately get to explore a range of food and culture which sometimes takes me out of my comfort zone which is something I am getting Β used to and now enjoy.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I have a soft spot for burgers, European cities, and photography (Sebastiao Salgado is my absolute favourite photographer)
  • My favourite cuisine is anything Asian except sushi – it’s the only food you could not pay me to eat.
  • I am obsessed with languages – I speak German and English pretty well and basic French. But I definitely want to become fluent in one or two more.
  • I study German and Classics (hence why I speak German) at the Edinburgh University but have no intention of really using my degree…well apart from the German part.
  • I have a passion for digital marketing and advertising in general.
  • Urban Appetit is the space where I share my foodie experiences and some of my adventures around the world.

*Be warned I love to eat out…a lot; explore the world occasionally and ramble once in a while.*

TschΓΌss for now,


Any inquiries? Comments? Want to collaborate? email me at urbanappetit@gmail.com


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