Israel Pt. 4: Jerusalem, Jericho and Nazareth

Here are a few photos from my trip around Israel in April. The weather is terrible in Munich right now and on days like this, I miss exploring Israel a lot.  Even though I am pretty exhausted in general, I’m always on the hunt for my next adventure or reminiscing about past trips.

Jerusalem, Jericho and the Nazareth were quite different yet in comparison to Tel Aviv, they were pretty similar. While Jerusalem was honestly my favourite city during my whole tour of Israel, I loved the architecture of the churches in the North of Israel and the pockets of Palestinian culture in the city of Jericho.

This is my last part of my Israel series and I have to say that after wanting to go to Israel for almost ten years now, it definitely surpassed my expectations. It was such a diverse yet complicated country which I feel is sometimes dismissed as being one dimensional. Yet I left the country, itching to go back and explore the areas that I left untouched.


Nazareth street stalls
Downtown Jerusalem
Jerusalem – Dome of the Rock and Wailing Wall






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