Long Weekend in Warsaw

I apologise that I have not been consistent with my posting. I have been super busy getting used to studying in Germany that I have been putting it off because I did not want to rush the writing process and produce terrible posts.

In the meantime, I also recently came back from a trip to the Polish capital, Warsaw.

I have to say that it was one of the most interesting and unusual places that I have been to this year.

Day 1

On Friday, my friends and I walked through the city to get to the Old Town. This is probably one of the most touristy parts of the city but a place one must visit when exploring Warsaw.  Initially, I found the buildings aesthetically pleasing however after walking through the rest of the city, I did feel as if there was a lack of genuineness because of how different it was to the rest of the city.

We tried the famed Polish dumplings – Pierogi – one plate of meat dumplings and one of spinach and feta. They were quite similar to steamed Chinese dumplings however they were almost stuffed with filling

The rest of the day was spent exploring the neighbourhood of Praga and then ended up in a club called Luzztro. This had a mix of house music, techno music and A LOT of strange characters who were either too drunk/high to care about their outward behaviour.


PIEROGIS – We had these at Jadloteka in Praga.



Day 2

Day one left us with some strange first impressions of the city. But day two started off better when we found an amazing cafe with a decent brunch. I had a bowl of granola, croissant and a smoothie which in total only cost me around 30 polish zloty so £5.50 (how cheap!)

We then walked to the Jewish Quarter and had a look at the Nozyk Synagogue. This day ended up in Place Zbawicela where we had the most amazing Thai food at a restaurant called Tuk Tuk ( only cost £8) then we had the most amazing time in Plan B – a club/bar with a very cool Canadian DJ who played everything from Drake to Puff Daddy.



Day 3

Exhausted from almost two days of walking, my friend and I took it easy and again started the day with a lovely brunch at Cafe Bristol (probably the most expensive meal of our trip at around £15) then went to the palace of culture to get a view of the city.


My friend Nuria and the palace of culture.


Overall, I have to say that Warsaw was not what I expected. The city was filled with hidden parts that reminded me of maybe East Berlin but at the same time, there were other parts with buildings that were very former Soviet-esque.

I’m off to Italy next week and still have lots to say about Israel so stay tuned 🙂


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