Israel Pt. 2: Jaffa

At the north end of Tel Aviv’s coastline is its port which featured in my last post and at the south end is the quaint little town called Jaffa. This was one of the coolest towns I visited whilst in Israel and one I actually spontaneously went back to in the final days of my trip because I was so captivated by its beauty and of course its food.

When I first went, I have to say that my tour guide was a little negative towards the small town as he did mention that it was a place where immigrants mainly settled which made it a little more unsafe. However walking through the old streets of Jaffa and peeking into the tiny galleries and shops made me think otherwise. Of course, I was vigilant but I did not feel at all uneasy there.

Jaffa was cool because compared to the rest of Tel Aviv, most of the old buildings had been preserved quite well and it did give me a bit of a break from the cosmopolitan and bustling city of Tel Aviv.


Top tip: Jaffa is the best place to find authentic Israeli food in its local flea market and independent restaurants plus there are loads of shisha places there so also a great place to go and relax in.


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