Second visit to Gelupo

It’s actually crazy the amount of love that I have for ice cream. I do not know what it is but I am absolutely obsessed with it. I would probably say this week alone, the only day that I did not have ice cream was Wednesday and I think it was simply because I was super busy with other things.

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I have been trying different ice cream places in London. I already have written about the Milk Train which was probably the ice cream purchase with the highest sugar content.

However I also went to a place called Gelupo in the middle of covent garden and Leceister Square.

The last time I came to this cafe, it was about almost a year ago and at least ten degrees colder in London. Although their amazing soft serve selection was long gone off the menu, Gelupo did not fail to please with its creamy selection of cool treats.


Ambience: Alright I guess, I found the ice cream server was a bit rude but the area is nice and spacious and it was not that busy but even if it was, I do not think it would have got claustrophobic or anything.

Appearance: Nice

Taste: Amazing – very creamy ice cream and the sorbet was bursting with flavour and so many options to choose from. I went for a raspberry sorbet and hazelnut combo.





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